If You Are So Burnout That You Don’t Even Want To Talk About It...Then Just Listen 
Why I Ditched My Past Life, Spent $56,000 Over 3 Years & How You Can Detox From Burnout 
DETOX Your Body From Burnout In Only 7-Days
I Slept Better & Felt Better Than I Had In Years
Brittany Lynch - Santa Monica
A few months ago a painful rash started spreading across my body. I was burnt out, under a lot of stress and my immune system was attacking itself. My boyfriend recommended Burnout Detox to help detox my cells, and fight back the inflammation the burnout was causing. To my surprise, that day my rash not only stopped spreading but the itchiness and pain actually disappeared. I loved the Burnout Detox program! 
Feel Like Things Will Never Get Better?
Can I Share A REALLY DIFFICULT Story With You?
I’ve been where you’re at.  

Three years ago, I was a wreck. 

Physically, mentally, and emotionally destroyed. 

$154,000 and 3 years in back taxes because I couldn’t muster the mental resources to deal with them.

Savagely depressed.

Years of 14 hour workdays 6-7 days a week running a demanding business with no safety net had finally taken their toll.  

I had been fighting the burnout for ages. 

For years, I used mental techniques to cope, then my willpower gave out.
 HINT: lack of willpower is not mental, it’s physical
Next, I turned to caffeine and energy drinks. That worked until my endocrine system gave out from all the abuse. 

I was too far out of balance and quickly getting worse. 

Something had to change, but how?
I tried:
  •  Working Out
  •  Stress Reduction Techniques
None of it worked - I was too far gone.
I Was Exhausted All The Time
I remember mustering up all the energy I had to write an email to one client and then laying on the floor in my office, staring at the ceiling. 

Too tired to sleep. Too tired to even look at my phone.

Too tired to care. 

One morning I woke up feeling like I always did. Exhausted. Drained. Too fatigued to give a damn about anything. 
My phone screen lit up with a call from one of my best clients. 

I knew based on our past conversations this call could easily be worth $15,000-$25,000. 

I thought about the work involved and a feeling of doom and dead-tiredness washed over me. 

I didn’t pick up.

This was it. 

This was the moment I knew I couldn’t continue things as they were anymore. I had no willpower left and my body was shot. 

I tossed the phone aside and relief flooded through me. 
My throat tightened, my heart jumped – and I laughed nervously as I thought of the implications. 
I knew I would do ANYTHING become ANYONE and spare NO EXPENSE to heal myself.
I immediately shut my business of 15 years down
Walked away.
And crossed the Rubicon.

Thankfully I had the resources to back it up: 
  • ​Enough money saved so nothing that could potentially fix my burnout was off the table
  • ​Ample amounts of time to explore darn near anything that could make me feel better
  • ​An open mind - nothing was too old or too new to try

Every day I woke up Pre-Dawn and OBSESSIVELY researched how to DETOX FROM BURNOUT.  
The afternoons and evenings were invested in taking action and implementing everything I had learned.

No expense was spared. 

In under two years I invested more in trying every health and biohacking technique out there than some people make in a year – over $56,0000.
This May Be The Most Startling Health News You’ve Ever Heard:
I discovered a simple way to detox your body from it. 

And you can worry about the mind later. 

You see, the mind will take care of itself once you stimulate the body’s own native healing intelligence. 

That willpower you keep blaming yourself for lacking? 

It’s not because you’re mentally weak...it’s because your body lacks the right conditions to manufacture it in the first place. 
Lack Of CELLULAR ENERGY Means Lack Of Mental Energy Which = NO WILLPOWER. 
Here’s the thing. 

If you’re feeling: 
  • Stressed
  • ​Anxious
  • Depressed
  • ​Fatigued
  •  Suffer From Auto-Immune Illness
These are loud and clear signs that your body is under attack. 

You’re feeling burnout. 

You need to “hit the reset button” on your cells. 

I failed to make a real and lasting change in my life until I focused on 1 key thing:

Detoxing from the cellular effects of burnout. 

Nothing else mattered. 
This 1 key thing is the hidden cause of most 21st century diseases. 
And There Is 1 SIMPLE STEP That Makes You Virtually BURNOUT PROOF 
Once I added this step to my daily routine, all the negative aspects of my life began to fall away. 

I started waking up excited again with high energy levels and high self esteem. 

I was sleeping restfully, managing stress and being more proactive . 

I started to feel in control again. 

Truth is you don't need an expensive retreat or a drastic life altering change. 
You simply need to detoxify your cells with one small change a day.  

Why Is Detoxing Your Cells Required To Rebound From Burnout?
Inside Your Cells, A BATTLE Is Being WAGED
Your enemy in this battle is the biggest threat to your health and lifespan. 

You’re under attack RIGHT NOW...and this enemy has been growing more and more powerful for the past 50 years. 

Just about every human being in developed countries - like the United States - began falling victim to this enemy. It’s helping cause just about every depressing change you feel from burnout.

Here’s how to tell if you’re currently a victim: 

Do you ever feel any of the following red flags?
  • Anxiety: You might feel hyper-alert and jumpy, constantly worry about the future, or play out worst-case scenarios in your head.
  • Depression: You may feel guilty about your diminished performance at work or other areas of your life, leading to lowered self-esteem. Depression is a dangerous disorder – if you find yourself feeling hopeless or contemplating suicide, seek professional depression help right away.
  • Sleep disturbance: You may have a hard time falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night. You feel restless at night and sleepy during the day. This gets progressively worse as burnout intensifies.
  • Fatigue: You constantly feel mentally and physically exhausted. This is made worse by accompanying insomnia.
  • Pain and illness: Such as gastrointestinal issues, headaches, muscle pain and more frequent bouts of sickness due to lowered immunity.
These are all symptoms of the enemy your cells are battling right now: 


Specifically, cellular stress. 
It’s Like Cigarette Smoking For Your Cells
We live In A World With MORE STRESS Than Ever Before
Not only are you stressed from pollution and toxins, you’re constantly assaulted by psychological forms of stress.  

Your body reacts the same way to Psychological stress as it does to physical disease or injury…

This reaction sets off a cascade of special signaling molecules called inflammatory cytokines to deal with the perceived threat. These inflammation promoting molecules circulate throughout your entire body.  

When you are chronically stressed these cytokines attack your cells constantly with whole-body inflammation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

To stop burnout you need to detox from the cytokine attack. 
This Whole-Body Inflammation Assault Makes It PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE For Your Body To STOP FEELING BURNT OUT
Your cells are too busy trying to damp the inflammation down to do their normal jobs efficiently.  

This is called the “cytokine hypothesis” and it’s been indicated in three studies as a potential inflammatory cause of depression, a common side effect of burnout [2], [3], [4].
Chronic Stress Related INFLAMMATION Is A Real PROBLEM.
According to the study Inflammation: The Common Pathway of Stress-Related Diseases [1]: 

“75%–90% of human diseases is related to the activation of stress system...Chronic inflammation is an essential component of chronic diseases”.

The truth is if you don’t do anything about your burnout now, it doesn’t get better. 

It gets worse. 

Much worse - Burnout is progressive, what’s known as a self reinforcing feedback loop.

In other words, feeling burnt out makes you more burnt out, which makes you feel burnt out. 

And left unchecked too long it can lead to chronic disease.

Burnout is progressive
Effects of UNTREATED BURNOUT Are Scary 
The prolonged stress of being in a state of burnout can lead to a number of problems, such as:
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  •  Poor quality sleep
  •  Depression
  •  Premature aging 
  •  Loss of drive
  •  Extreme procrastination 
  •  Autoimmune disorders
  •  Back pain 
  •  Brain fog
  •  Lulls in energy
  •  Gut bloat
  •  Pessimism
  •  Loss of sex drive
  •  Suicide 
  •  Loss of interest in your job
  •  Interpersonal issues in the office
  •  Relationship issues
  •  Irrational irritability
  •  Poor digestion 
  •  Loss of sense of self
  •  Decreased productivity
  •  Loss of interest in social life
  •  Road rage
  •  No zest for the joys life has to offer
It’s easy to see how the effects of burnout can get out of hand and bleed over into other areas of your life...even turn into disease over time. 
If this letter has seemed like A LOT to read, it’s because there’s A LOT to say.
But with it is a way for you to spare yourself the tears and heartaches and sorrow your burnout is causing. 

You do know the value of detoxing your cells. 

You are interested in rebounding from burnout. 

So - let me ask you - are you satisfied that you’ve done enough?

Remember - there is no such thing as a second chance - once you “spend” the time you have, it’s gone forever. 

Do you want to spend it feeling dog-tired, worn out, and negative? 

What you do for yourself, you must do now - not tomorrow, not next week, not next year - BUT TODAY!
Imagine waking up feeling happy, energized and focused again
So...how do you undo the damage of burnout?
7-Day Burnout Detox
Why The 7-Day Burnout Detox Is The Best Program On The Market
The problem with 99% of the traditional detox programs out there is that they do NOT address your stress related cellular inflammation and how this causes the PHYSICAL & MENTAL symptoms of burnout. 
You’re Going To Get Slaughtered If You Try To FIX BURNOUT With Mental Techniques ALONE 
The main focus of this detox is to rid your cells of harmful inflammation causing molecules so your body can rebalance and start to heal itself! 

“Hit The Eject Button On Burnout” - You Don’t Have To Think About Anything! 

I Will Take You By The Hand & Tell You Exactly ONE THING To Do A Day

The other thing I’ve noticed helping people like you struggling with burnout is that you simply don’t have the time to mess around with something complex that takes months to work. 

You need results right now. 

And you need to be told exactly what to do with no thought required on your end.  

Let’s get you out of this bad situation! 

Here are a few key DIFFERENCES that make 7-Day Burnout Detox, the #1 Rated Burnout Detox program on the market TODAY:
  •  It’s ONLY 7 days - Some detoxes take 14 – 30 days to do, with my detox you can in JUST 7 Days!!
  •  7-Day Detox is strictly a cellular -based detox - which means everything is tailored specifically to a Burnout Victim’s body and what it needs.
  •  Most detoxes DON’T FIX the root of the problem - 7-Day Detox actually repairs the key cellular systems that your body needs to STAY healthy!
  •  You are getting two years of radical self-experimentation and $56,000 invested on healing burnout distilled down into just 7 Days
These key differences have enabled me to create a breakthrough detox method focused on fast and effective results, that are proven by science to “HEAL YOUR CELLS & FIX YOUR BURNOUT!“
What to expect from this program:
  •  100% ALL-NATURAL 
  •  100% SAFE
  •  NO BS. Only proven successful therapies backed by hard science
  •  NO confusion. You are taken by the hand and told exactly what to do
  •  ONE simple step a day so you feel better by tonight
  •  Higher energy levels
  •  Increased focus
  •  Rarely sick
  •  High self-esteem
  •  Restful sleep
  •  Slash through procrastination 
  •  Manage stress 
Here's What You'll Receive With The 7-Day Burnout Detox Program
Megadose Supply Of Burnout Detox Natural Cellular Supplement
Only molecular hydrogen is small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, go inside the cells and stop inflammation. The engines that power your cells (the mitochondria) start working better and this provides the right conditions for your body to start healing itself. The majority of people who follow this program report a sense of calm, clear focus as their brain inflammation drops. 

7-Day Detox Guide
This step-by-step guide goes along with the supplement and works in conjunction to help you detox from burnout. It's designed to help you make one simple change a day to hit the eject button on burnout.
Bonus: Have A Better Sleep Tonight 
Sleep Better Tonight Report 
Your body's native healing intelligence needs SLEEP to work. During the day, we're going to get your cellular inflammation down. At night we want to make sure you're getting deep, restorative sleep so all your repair mechanisms have a chance to work. Plus, there's nothing better than waking up feeling great. It's like money in the bank. 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Triple Diamond Money Back Guarantee
If for ANY reason you don't love the Burnout Detox program or in the extremely unlikely event you don't receive the results you are hoping for, just send us your information and receipt number and we will send you a follow up email with a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
Order Burnout Detox For Just ($99) $49 
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